What to do when dating stinks

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You’ve probably seen it all… Dating… Back in the good old days, the only thing you needed was a friend, a family member to find out if your feelings for a mutual friend were reciprocated. Of course by then, you already had the match makers, some who worked from their kitchen tables and others, more enterprising and business orientated who formed corporations and who made dating the industry it is today. (An industry so profitable that is estimated to be worth at least a couple of billion dollars! (That’s Billion with a capital B…)

This is of course before the internet, at the time when the world was simple and easy, or certainly less complicated and when guy knew woman, guy fancied woman, guy inquired with a friend from work if woman liked him, thereafter, with a bit of luck, guy asked woman out on a date.

That was the situation before. Nowadays, we have web-based dating, tens of thousands of profile pages to sift through, careful to not be fooled by the cheaters, those who lie about themselves, their appearance, their occupation.. you know exactly what I mean… Folks who exaggerate stuff, like submitting a photo of themselves which was created more than 20 years previously, or 75 lbs thinner.

I learned the other day that online dating was for most a place to hookup, and by that I want to say… Well you already know what what I am talking about, don’t you? It is true, I too was searching for a great companion, however in my book, a great companion is someone who loves “it” as opposed to another person who may not be into “it” much.  Between the two, whom would you prefer? Honestly… Don’t be shy… It’s just you and me.

karen-cheap-phone-sexOnline dating services is much like an all you can eatery… However just like any kind of restaurant in your local neighborhood where you can eat until your belly bursts, you’ve got to be careful about what you place on your dish. Same with internet dating.

Not every man and woman is seeking love though, but one important thing is for certain, everyone has the need for a friend. What you do with that friend is undoubtedly your decision, however my sense is that “intimacy is unquestionably something you need and will want.

So what transpires when, after the umpteenth date you come home all by yourself, and you undoubtedly could do with a little bit of “intimacy. What do you do then?

Clearly, you could phone a friend and drown your feelings in alcohol or maybe you may perhaps enjoy Karen Phone Sex! Don’t chuckle! It certainly is cheaper in comparison with taking a date out for a meal and will definitely not leave you feeling frustrated.

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